Profile & Picture Kim Bum

Kim Sang Bum

Kim Sang Bum

Nama Populer : Kim Bum
Nama Lengkap : Kim Sang Bum
Profesi: Aktor
Tanggal Lahir : 7 Juli 1989
Tinggi Badan : 181 cm
Berat Badan : 63 kg
Zodiak : Cancer

Hobi : Nonton TV, rap, main playstation, jago maen bola dan kendo
Makanan Favorit: samkyeobsal (barbeque Korea)
Warna Favorit : Hitam
Angka Favorit : 7
Musisi Favorit : T (Yoon Mi Rae)
Aktor/Aktris Favorit : Hwang Jung Minso yi jung
Agensi : EYAGI Entertainment
Kyun Bok High School
Jungang University (Movie and Theater Department)

Sinetron yang dibintangi Kim Bum
Dream (SBS) (SBS, 2009)
Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2008) (played the role of So Yi-jung)
I Like it Hot (2008)
East of Eden (MBC, 2008)
Unstoppable High Kick (MBC, 2006)
Outrageous Women (MBC, 2006)

Kim Bum_2

Kim Bum_3

Kim Bum_4 Kim Bum_5

Kim Bum_6Kim Bum_7

Kim Bum_8Kim Bum_9

Kim Bum_10

Kim Bum_11

Kim Bum_12

Kim Bum_13

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37 Responses to “Profile & Picture Kim Bum”

  1. UUUUUU…
    Kim Bum!!!
    I Love Youuuu…!!!!

  2. hai kim sang bum you very imoet so much and i like oh……… kim so eun very good and you no putus oke……………….

  3. kim bum you are very handsome boys that i look in korea……
    you are very nice boy!!!!!!
    i love you so much…..

  4. kim bum………….. u r 2 cute……

  5. kim bum is a man yang sangat cakep, mempunyai senyum yang orang – orang jarang mempunyai senyum itu !!

  6. i love kim bum mo muchhhhhhhh ;
    he very cuteeeeeee >.<


  8. tuh tMen gWe Inta mtIe sMa loE….

  9. i love u kim bum….your so handsome n sweet

  10. k’kim bum kreeeeeN abissss….

  11. i love him.
    so handsome realy.

  12. huuuh so cute!

  13. terserah ah luv u kim!

  14. luph u…………………..
    kim bum

  15. kim bum i love you i’m from indonesia….
    dont forget to come in indonesia

  16. KIM BUM………………..
    kapan u ke Indonesia???????????

  17. KIM bumm,,you’re my idol.
    you very handsome!!


  19. Kim Bum I LOVE YOU……. You is THE BEST……

  20. sarange kim bum,,,
    i like u very much………..
    kim bum you’r handsome boyz???????????

  21. you’re so cuteee,,, i love u kim bummmm

  22. i love you to

  23. i love you kim bum your soo cute and handsome….
    wish you all the best….!!
    kim bum i fans you froom in indoneziiia….

  24. kim bum.. u reminds me to someone….lope u….

  25. ,love you kim bum????
    ,I’m fans in indonesian…
    ,I’m love you forever…

  26. Kimbummmm i love u so muchh…
    u so cute, so handsome, and u in my heart always..KIMBUM…i love yooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu SOMUCH KIMBUM…!!

  27. KIM SANG BUM……………….I’M FALLIN IN LUPH WITH U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. kim bum ILOVE YOU FULL

  29. mlm ka’ kim bum kenalin nama gue kim wan

  30. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH you are very handsome boys you very very cute and sweet abis dah pkkna you is my love forever muahc muach from n.c.arini.awallia nak kautsar mijen smg call my yes my love forever

  31. I am always dream you in my
    Dream you is my brother but
    I’m in indonesia you in south
    Korea oh my brother in dream
    You is always in my heart kim
    Bum when you go to indonesia
    Please invite me in the
    Facebook my email is ariski47@ no bi it is a my heart
    Is alwas say you brother

  32. wau es el chico mas lindo del mundo lo amo

  33. Kim Bum Oppa,, sarannghe…. Oppa very very very handsome….

  34. Kim Bum Oppa,, saranghae… Oppa very very very handsome…

  35. you’re my cuteness favourite actress.. so cute…

  36. i love u kim bum….

  37. anio! sang oppa🙂 )
    i’m solin 4rm iran……..
    i’m 15 years
    and i love u ! (sarange) ^_^
    i want come to korea and see u🙂
    please wait
    i coming soon🙂 ))))
    komao……… ^_^

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